Monday, August 30, 2010

Great Web Sites, Bad Web Sites

For the first site, I already knew right off the bat as to what I was going to choose and that site is  I love this site due to its simple navigation and unique design.  The best part is of course the interactive flash design composed with the site.

For the second best site I had to do a little research on Google and couldn't find anything that I liked so as I started to ponder about it, I remembered when Ms. Willcock mentioned how she loved architecture in class and made me remember how I also love going to certain sites like for the ease of navigation, great use of working with the grid system and the strong use of various color schemes.

For the bad websites, I couldn't think of any so I did some more research on Google and found a couple of really, really bad ones.

My first choice was, due to it's horrible use of the grid system and the lack of text justification..

My second choice was, mainly due to the lack of an actual design, the uneasy feeling of boredom that this site gives off and the improper use of negative space.